Meet SoundofInk Live

Sound of Ink Live consists of an original live performance where visual arts merge with music. Artist Gabriel Torres Chalk performs live painting  in different sizes and technique, while Saxophonist Ivan M plays both the saxophone and the EWI – an electronic musical instrument. Inspiration, and interaction of these two artists is being reflected in real time and in a creative way by Multimedia Engineer Pablo Alcántara who digitalizes the performance in order to complete the multidisciplinary fusion of the show.


Our Live Show

Sound of Ink Live is a powerful and original audiovisual live performance. The artist Gabriel Torres Chalk – painting with in and charcoal on rice paper and cotton paper – and Ivan M, saxophonist and EWI player – electronic instrument considered as a futuristic instrument with an immense range of sounds and registers.
Creation and mutual inspiration in action by both artists on stage is supported by Multimedia Engineer Pablo Alcántara. His visual development with several cameras and combined with special effects in real time on screen, provides the audience with a great visual impact, showing even small details.
Music has been composed, produced and played by Ivan M. All pieces are grounded on the sound of the shores of the island of Ibiza and they inspire from the magic of paintings and drawings and poetry of visual artist Gabriel Torres Chalk.

La perfecta Unión entre Música y Pintura!

Soundofink Live is an original idea from visual artist Gabriel Torres Chalk and musician Ivan M. Both of them have developed the project for a time by now with the inclusion of Multimedia Engineer Pablo Alcántara. This project consists of an existential metaphor and multimedia experience where painting and visual arts merge with music and sound providing an intense artistic dialogue.


Fusion of East & West Grounded in the Shores of Ibiza

Powerfully influenced by oriental art and philosophy, artists connect traditional ink art with saxophone and EWI in order to provide a sublime experience for the senses. The relation of these artists with the oriental world, together with the fact that they are based in the island of Ibiza, confirms this project to be a real fusion and embrace between both worlds, East and West grounded in the shores of Ibiza.


Much Further than a Live Show!

Soundofink Live is much more than a Live Show. It consists of an immersion in an artistic and musical fusion developing a personal language providing an original concept to the body and discourse of contemporary art: a challenge for experience & imagination, and also for technique, and always a reinvention.