At our Youtube Channel you will be able to enjoy our new videos, shot in Salinas de la Isla de Ibiza, the Ibiza Club de Polo and Itaca Night Club, as well as our new SoundofInk Live video recording.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Ayuntamiento de Santa Eulalia del Río, Soundofink Live has been able to produce an awesome video recording that took place in the wonderful Teatro Municipal de Jesús. These recordings have been very demanding and required an intense previous setting in order to achieve a first level staging.

Visual artist Gabriel Torres Chalk was wearing a body harness with a pro camera and another one on one of the brushes made of bamboo (called bamboo handle) and rooster feathers. At the same time, several cameras have been strategically developed along the stage allowing to create a balance of the development of both subjective and objective shootings providing circular energy of art in motion from a wide range of feelings. Music, created and produced by Ivan M, has built a sublime dialogue with Gabriel’s visual art and it also has been digitalized in real time by Multimedia Engineer, Pablo Alcántara. These recordings are now under edition process so that, in short, we will be able to share it with the world.