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Gabriel T Chalk is currently based in the island of Ibiza, but travels widely along the year spreading the energy of the bamboo forest which is the Sound of Ink as a metaphor. To make it short, Gabriel has been finalist in the prestigious BMW Painting Prize 2013 with an awesome ink work titled Three Treasures.
Created in Ibiza, the three branches of the project translate into the so called Ibiza Sound of Ink, Ibiza Tribe Collection and Ibiza Magic of JuJu.
Ibiza Magic of JuJu consists of a sequence of images which are very special skeletons. These have been painted and personified in order to create highly original creatures performing different activities such as jazz musicians, in different gestures and attitudes. Each image has been originally painted using ink on rice paper. Then, images have been professionally digitalized for production. Two main influences are at the roots of this process, Japanese painters belonging to the 19th Century at the heart of manga comic, and jazz music, especially with intense African roots such as saxophonist Archie Shepp. Magic of JuJu develops a game between the idea of a playful or comic afterlife personified in skeletons and the power and energy of art as an interpretation of those irrational dynamic energies.

Sobre MI Sound OfInk

Work classified in different periods & subjects 

This period belongs to the first stages of the Artist’s creative phases. It consists of the development of his dreams and visions to paint poetry with acrylics on big canvas in a phase that could be named as abstract expressionism. The great homage solo show that Gabriel made on the work of Chilean poet Raúl Zurita, titled Desert & Poetry belongs to this period.
Gabriel’s artistic name comes from a Chinese Master of Bamboo Painting called Ch’en L’in, who lived in the XVIIIth Century and adopted Yû-Ren or Man of the Rain as his studio name. Later, Master Xiaohui Li has carved on stone for Gabriel this expression, a gorgeous seal with which he signs all his drawings and paintings. The expressive massive range of Chinese Ink has always fascinated Gabriel, being the reason for his wide visits and travels and delving into Chinese culture and landscapes, developing his skills with great artists from both China and the US, especially in 798 District in Beijing and with Master Li in California. The way of the brush and ink for the artist consists of a vital experience of great power allowing him to reinvent himself and develop his Ch’i or energy through these artistic manifestations.
The high interest for the Masters of Japanese Manga such as Kawanabe Kyosai, together with his powerful background and his knowledge on the so called American Postmodernism with a PhD on American Confessional Poetry (Robert Lowell), has leaded Gabriel T Chalk to develop an original series that has called Pulp Chalk Art. This series consists of a collection of drawings and paintings that bring on stage the most radical interpretation of the peak days of Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut or Thomas Pynchon’s ‘ravings’.

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