What is Sound of Ink?

Sound of Ink or “Shengyin Moshui” is the result of extensive studies and research by the artist based on the island of Ibiza, Gabriel Torres Chalk (Yu Ren / Man of the Rain). It consists of an existential metaphor for the creative process of the artist where visual arts are fused with music in an intense experience, where the artist projects his dreams and visions on his paintings.

Sound of Ink is the stem or starting point from which this multidisciplinary project will develop into an organic overall or bamboo forest incorporating the most radical postmodernism down to the most essential traditional Chinese painting techniques.

Sound of Ink Art Works

Imagen SoundOfInk Obra Home

Gabriel T Chalk’s Art Work has been developing from a kind of search for the origins of human beings in the mythical necessity to represent visually his visions and experiences on the walls and ceilings of the caves through visual arts. The artist converges radical postmodernism together with traditional ink art, the suggestion of abstract art, together with the fantastic expressionism of comic and pulp-art.

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Sound of Ink Live

SoundOfInk Live Home

Sound of Ink Live consists of an original live performance where visual arts merge with music. Artist Gabriel Torres Chalk performs live painting in different sizes and technique, while Saxophonist Ivan M plays both the saxophone and the EWI – an electronic musical instrument. Multimedia Engineer Pablo Alcántara digitalizes the performance in order to complete the multidisciplinary fusion of the show.

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